1. Without You
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Without You

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Written by Mike Dominey.


Without You - Mike Dominey
There's things in life I just don't understand... the father son & Holy Ghost.
We take for granted all the ones we love when these are things that mean the most.
So please give me all your heart tonight, I promise I won't let you down. Just think of all the good times that we have/had, I never want to see you frown...

...'Cause I can't live without you near, and I can't breathe while your away. But things are only getting easier from here, so/just promise you'll be here to here to stay.

So let us share all of our dreams tonight, you know your secrets safe with me.
Just take my hand as we break morning light, with you I'm meant to be.

Please let me sing this song for you tonight, it'll only take a while.
This is the only way that I know how, I only want to make you smile?