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While You're Here

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While you're here - Mike Dominey
Verse 1
I saw a shadow on the wall
I wondered if it saw me standing there at all
It wore my heart upon it's sleeve
I wondered if this all, was just make believe (x2)
but when i opened up my eyes
I'd seen the sweetest light that's ever graced the skies
I'd seen the truth that layed beneath all of the lies
I'd seen the world creating beauty in disguise
but i just went on about my business
cause i know that it/ makes no goddamn difference when you're gone, but while you're here...


pick it up and shake it off
cause we're right where we're supposed to be yea
yea we're right where we belong

verse 2
All of my friends have seen me fall
if you dont make no mistakes you'll never learn at all
'cause if at first you dont suceed
just stay persistent, yea and you will eventually