1. Goodbye To Me
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Goodbye To Me

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Written, composed, recorded, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Mike Dominey.


There's this pain inside my heart The rest's been torn apart.
Let it out before you die.

'Cause now I'm here to claim what's mine. It's Time to burn and let it shine. 'Cause it goes faster than yesterday, don't waste time.

So why'd you lie to me and make me feel this way? You let my heart believe in the possibility.
Now all the time I stayed/I've saved and/for plans we've made, have/it's all just/now gone away/is just so far away. So why'd you lie to me were you just scared to say goodbye to me? Don't be/act so shy with/to me just find a way to say goodbye to me.

Now the pain inside my chest
has now been put to rest.
It was time to say goodbye.

This life is gone before we know
so live it up and let it go
'Cause it goes faster than yesterday take control/but there's still hope/don't waste time.

It had promise/Should've known right from the start but it all just fell apart. Faster, faster it/you broke my heart/and I'm not sure why. A complete/Such a disaster.

We all/we'll find our path someday/It'll all work out someday so let the past just drift away, faster faster every day.