BRAND NEW VIDEO of Mike's newest song - "Goodbye to Me"  

Here's a BRAND NEW VIDEO of my newest song  
"Goodbye to Me"  
BIG thanks to my man Daryl Payne for all of his creativity, time, & efforts throughout all of the musical endeavours we embark upon. So fun coming up with new silly and serious ideas for projects... mostly silly lol  
This song, like most others for me kinda spewed outta me in like an hour... music has this strange way of hitting me in waves, flowing through me and then just disappears. I don't quite understand how that works but I feel thankful for this mysterious, magical gift🙏  
This song derived from a past relationship. Life's too short to waste time. Be honest with yourself and try not to fall victim to fear, because with facing fear comes great reward!  
Thank you all very much again for your friendship and support, it is an awesome driving force🔥💙

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